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Broadcasters unhappy with ABTA proposals for DTV
quinta-feira, 01 de agosto de 2002 , 18h05 | POR REDAÇÃO

ABTA Managing Director Alexandre Annenberg presented Wednesday, July 31, highlights from the new model proposed for the pay-television industry by the association to broadcasters attending the annual conference of the Brazilian Society of TV & Telecoms Engineers (SET). The main item, integration between broadcasters and pay-TV operators in promoting digital television, received a less than lukewarm hearing. Roberto Franco, managing director of SBT, said broadcasters had ?made a mistake? at the time Congress passed the Cable Act by seeking an unpaid must-carry obligation for broadcast channels. ?Broadcast TV is the most valued part of pay-TV content,? he claimed, adding that broadcasters would use cable networks for digital delivery only if cable companies provided something in return. He cited recent examples such as retransmission of Big Brother by cable and Web sites, but said a revenue-sharing scheme would have to be carefully worked out. Fernando Bittencourt, TV Globo?s director of technology, agreed. ?The ABTA proposal is a declaration that digital TV won?t take off without broadcast channels as core content,? he said, noting that DTV requires large-scale marketing of new receivers and/or set-tops. In an interview with PAY-TV News, Mr Bittencourt said he opposed the association?s proposals, which would cause an even greater delay in the implementation of digital terrestrial television.


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