NeoTV authorized to participate in antitrust hearings on Hughes/News Corp.
sexta-feira, 01 de agosto de 2003 , 11h17 | POR REDAÇÃO

At the end of last week NeoTV was granted permission to participate as amicus curiae in antitrust hearings in Brazil on News Corp.?s takeover of Hughes Electronics in the United States, which could lead to a merger of Sky (News) and DirecTV (Hughes).
The case is being examined by CADE, Brazil?s competition tribunal. NeoTV represents most of Brazil?s cable and MMDS operators in negotiations with programmers.
Some weeks ago NeoTV said it would favor a merger as long as there?s a level playing field in access to content. It can now analyze the documentation on the takeover and indeed has already begun to do so. It will then file a brief with CADE setting out its views on the conditions for allowing the takeover to go ahead in Brazil.


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