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DTV: Government task force has 12 months to produce report
quinta-feira, 03 de julho de 2003 , 19h18 | POR REDAÇÃO

The Communications Ministry published Thursday, June 26, a draft decree setting up a task force to be known as the Executive Group for the Digital Television Project (Portuguese-language acronym GET). The public consultation exercise will last only one week.
An appendix to the document details the Government?s DTV guidelines, apparently replacing the text issued April 3 under the title ?Policy for the Adoption of Digital Technology in the Television Service?. The main difference is that the decree now sets up a task force rather than introducing a policy. However, the guidelines now proposed for the task force to follow are basically the same.
The GET will have 12 months to present its report, which the Government will use as a basis for choosing a DTV system or standard.
The complete text of the draft decree and guidelines can be downloaded from www.paytv.com.br/arquivos/ tvdigital.zip.


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