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DTV: universities to assign intellectual property rights to Federal Government
quinta-feira, 03 de julho de 2003 , 19h18 | POR REDAÇÃO

There are a few relevant differences between the draft decree setting up a task force on digital TV (published June 26 by the Communications Ministry) and the policy document issued April 3.
For example, the new decree mentions by name only CPqD and Inatel as higher education institutions to be included in the task force, which will be known by the acronym GET.
The GET will also include representatives of several ministries, BNDES (the national development bank) and Finep (a research funding agency attached to the Science & Technology Ministry).
Instituto Genius is mentioned only in a separate text explaining the rationale for the decree, which makes no reference to the institute but says the GET will include a representative of ?an industrial segment relating to digital television research and development in Brazil?.
The decree also omits any mention of funding, while the rationale says the GET?s expenses will be covered by Funttel, among other sources. The April policy document referred explicitly to funding of 78 million Brazilian Reals.

Anatel: optional

Anatel can also be part of the task force, but the decree says its participation is ?optional?. Membership is also optional for the Social Communication Council and Abert, the national association of broadcasters. Here?s how the decree puts it: ?A representative of each of the following bodies may optionally participate in the GET: the Social Communication Council of Congress, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), and the National Association of Radio & Television Stations (Abert).?
Another relevant change is that intellectual property rights to all the work done by the GET will be held by the Federal Government. The idea is to avoid conflict among universities and private foundations or individuals who take part in the project.


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