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TV Globo: Marluce Silva remains on sick leave, Florisbal keeps top job
quinta-feira, 03 de julho de 2003 , 19h18 | POR REDAÇÃO

A senior source in the Globo group says Marluce Dias da Silva won?t be managing the debt restructuring process or returning from sick leave to her job as director-general. This year and next, while proceeding with treatment for cancer, she will be a special strategic advisor to Chairman Roberto Irineu Marinho. Octávio Florisbal will stay on as CEO until at least the end of 2004, says the source.
The information we received from the top management of Globo coincides with a message sent by Marluce Silva to several group executives on Monday, June 30, to clarify recent press reports:
"The first reason [for the meetings held last week] was to thank everyone (…) for what they have done in my absence to ensure the success of TV Globo (…). The second reason for the meetings was to talk about the future. I explained that I am still undergoing treatment and that Octávio [Florisbal] will stay on as Director-General, leading TV Globo in its successful trajectory (…). I said [during the meetings] that I am at the disposal of the shareholders and Octávio to provide support for specific projects if they so desire and described the project I am resuming now (…). This is a project to champion Brazilian culture and the indigenous production of high-quality cultural goods for all vehicles of audiovisual content distribution. Goods such as those we distribute. This campaign is essential to our future as a society, as a nation and as a company. I will not be involved in any projects with economic results relating to TV, UHF or whatever else has been in the news (…). I will devote myself entirely to this national production project, which we began before I had to take sick leave."


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