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DTV: Anatel suggests standards owners pay for tests
quinta-feira, 03 de outubro de 2002 , 18h46 | POR REDAÇÃO

If Anatel gets its way, the cost of any new digital terrestrial TV trials prior to the choice of standard by the Brazilian Government will be borne by the owners of the standards themselves. They?re keen to demonstrate the progress made since the first trials were held some two years ago, and Antonio Carlos Valente, deputy director-general of Anatel, says ?it seems clear the tests must be carried out?. An impartial institution should be retained to do so, he adds, suggesting CPqD. Anatel isn?t just concerned to economize: another good reason for getting the interested parties to pay is that if Anatel had to bear the cost of new trials it would be obliged by law to auction a contract. This would delay the process even further.


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