DirecTV Brazil launches cheaper packages in cities with cable
quinta-feira, 04 de julho de 2002 , 14h28 | POR REDAÇÃO

DirecTV is now definitively selling two economy packages called Prata (silver) and Prata Premium. With lower membership and subscription charges, the packages are part of a new strategy that targets a wider range of prospects and is also geared to competing more aggressively with cable. Prata Premium comprises 17 pay-TV channels (AXN, Casa Club, MTV Brasil, MTV Latino, Sony, Warner, Band Sports, Band News, Discovery, Mundo, People+Arts, Cartoon, TNT, HBO, HBO2, Cinemax, and Cinemax Prime) as well as broadcast channels, 89 Rádio Rock, Eldorado AM/FM, RFI, and a few audio channels. The subscription costs 66.80 reals per month (now about 23 US dollars). Prata Premium is available in all regions of Brazil. Prata, which costs 44.90 reals per month (about 15.50 USD), doesn?t have HBO?s four movie channels and is available only in 143 selected cities ? mainly cities where DirecTV competes with cable, according to unofficial information obtained by PAY-TV News. The membership fee varies depending on whether the subscriber wants interactive services. The fee is 249 reals with interactive services and 149 reals without (now about 86 USD and 51 USD respectively).


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