ABTA report shows pay-TV industry resuming growth
sexta-feira, 05 de setembro de 2003 , 14h35 | POR REDAÇÃO

ABTA published its semiannual survey of the pay-TV industry?s performance on Monday, September 1, showing a 4.3% increase in gross revenues in the second quarter compared with the first, to 845 million Brazilian Reals. The total for the entire first half was 1.6 billion BRL, up 15% year over year.
High-speed Internet services grew most in the second quarter. The number of users at the end of June was 156,405, up 5.5% from 147,750 in March. Broadband services accounted for 5% of pay-TV operators? total sales in the second quarter, with monthly subscription charges accounting for 85%.
The aggregate subscriber base stood at 3,461,046 in June, with cable accounting for 60%, MMDS for 6% and DTH for 34%.
?The pay-television industry has presented positive data showing an increase in profitability, growth of high-speed Internet services, and the advent of new channels, despite an adverse economic situation and news of stagnation,? says ABTA President Leila Loria.
You can read the full report at http://www.abta.com.br.


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