Ancine expects to offer financing of 80 million-100 million reals per year
quinta-feira, 06 de junho de 2002 , 16h45 | POR REDAÇÃO

Ancine?s funding will be as follows when collection and incentive mechanisms are fully operational, says Vera Zaverucha, spokeswoman for Gustavo Dahl:

– 30 million reals per annum from 3% in contributions to the Fistel telecoms fund. This money will be solely to cover Ancine?s running costs.
– 50m-60m reals p.a. from the 11% tax on remittances or 3% paid by foreign programmers who invest in local production.
– 37m reals p.a. from fees to register titles imported by local programmers, broadcast TV networks, advertising and home video. The lion?s share (30m reals) will come from commercials.
In sum, Ancine expects to have between 80m reals and 100m reals on offer to finance production every year. Part will be managed in house, part by programmers who pay less on remittances in exchange for investing in local production. Ancine reckons another 40m reals will be invested in production under tax incentives provided for by the Rouanet and Audiovisual Acts. Lastly, there?s a possibility that Funcine ? a program of special funds created by private-sector financial institutions ? may inject more cash into the overall pie for investment in independent productions.


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