Growth of DVD is new problem for pay TV
quinta-feira, 06 de junho de 2002 , 16h45 | POR REDAÇÃO

A new problem for the pay-television industry is emerging almost silently but at great speed. The DVD market is growing so fast that in just over two years the number of players purchased by households has reached 2.5 million and prices are plunging in step with the rise in sales. In addition, large content producers like Globo and Globosat regularly issue DVD versions of major features only a few months after launching them on pay TV. All of TV Globo?s mini-series will be issued on DVD. A Muralha is already on the market, to be followed by Presença de Anita and Hilda Furacão as well as shows and abridged soaps. Meanwhile, TV Globo has discovered a way of attracting huge pay-TV audiences by adapting its broadcast content to cable. Examples include Big Brother and Fame, offered by Multishow with resounding success. ?It?s not the only way for pay TV to boost audiences, but it?s an option often used in the U.S., for example. A high percentage of pay-TV programs could be reruns of broadcast programs. Why not?? says Luiz Gleiser, a director of Central Globo de Produção and responsible for the network?s reality-show multiplatform strategy.


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