Digital TV
No hurry to choose DTV standard
quinta-feira, 06 de junho de 2002 , 16h45 | POR REDAÇÃO

Communications Minister Juarez Quadros again said Anatel shouldn?t rush the choice of a digital terrestrial television standard. This time he was more emphatic. ?If other countries have introduced DTV in a hurry and run into so many problems, shouldn?t we take our time so we can learn from their mistakes?? he asked. ?The advantages and disadvantages we see in DTV today are circumstantial.? Ara Minassian, Anatel?s head of mass communications, said there haven?t been any changes to the agency?s timetable. ?The minister was referring to a final decision. Nothing prevents us from proceeding with studies and public consultations, and that?s what we?ll do,? he said.


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