TAP meets Brazil's Ancine to clarify taxation issues
quinta-feira, 06 de junho de 2002 , 16h45 | POR REDAÇÃO

TAP Latin America, an association of international programmers, met Tuesday, June 4, with senior officials of Ancine, the national film agency, to discuss a number of tax-related issues. For example, how Ancine will decide which co-productions between independent producers and programmers can be financed by the 3% tax on foreign remittances to be paid by programmers. Another issue is how the 3% tax will be paid in a physical sense. Under the current rule, each programmer must open a special account with Banco do Brasil, so that Ancine can keep an eye on the funds. However, BB is a state-owned enterprise and a bureaucratic one at that: opening a special account can take as long as 60 days, not to mention the fact that the bank?s branches haven?t been given instructions on the requisite procedures. Programmers are working with Ancine on another way to collect Condecine dues and taxes.


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