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Cheap set-tops are key to Brazil?s DTV model, says communications minister
sexta-feira, 06 de junho de 2003 , 10h11 | POR REDAÇÃO

Affordable set-top boxes will play a key role in the business model for digital terrestrial broadcast television to be developed by Brazil, said Communications Minister Miro Teixeira at a hearing in Congress on Wednesday, June 4.
The digital divide can?t be overcome without cheap but powerful set-tops, he explained, citing the possibility of convergence between DTV, cable, and telephone networks.
The hardware will probably be based on existing sub-systems but software and applications will be 100% developed in Brazil, he said.
The minister revealed that Vice President José Alencar has asked for Brazilian research and education institutions to be included in the development process, referring specifically to Inatel, in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais.


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