Ford heads list of top pay-TV advertisers in 2002
sexta-feira, 06 de junho de 2003 , 10h11 | POR REDAÇÃO

Ford Motor Co. invested more in pay-TV advertising than any other company in 2002, according to Agências & Anunciantes, a yearbook out this week with a list of the largest advertisers and ad agencies in the Brazilian market.
Ford ranked sixth among the top 30 advertisers overall in 2002, with a total spend of 91 million Brazilian Reals in all media. Its pay-TV spend was only 6.7m BRL.
Embratel was the second-largest pay-TV advertiser, with 3.5m BRL, out of a total advertising spend of 61m BRL (16th in the overall rank order).
Next came Fiat with 3.3m BRL in pay TV and 98m BRL overall; Kaiser with 3m BRL and 66m BRL respectively; and Unilever with 2.5m BRL in pay TV and 153m BRL overall, making it the number 1 advertiser in all media in 2002.
In 2001 Embratel was the top pay-TV advertiser, according to Projeto Inter-Meios.
Retailers absent
The most striking aspect of the 2002 data is the complete absence of retailers from pay-TV advertising. The retail industry invested 2.3bn BRL in advertising across all media last year, increasing its ad spend more than any other industry.
Casas Bahia, for example, spent 61% more than in 2001 and jumped from seventh to second place in the overall ranking. Lojas Marabraz more than doubled its ad spend and jumped from 21st to fifth place. Neither invested a single penny in pay-TV advertising.
Other major retail chains such as Ponto Frio and Carrefour also invested heavily in advertising but left pay TV out in the cold. Supermarket giant Pão de Açúcar spent a negligible amount on pay TV.


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