Framework legislation on media to wait for decision on digital TV
sexta-feira, 06 de junho de 2003 , 10h11 | POR REDAÇÃO

Communications Minister Miro Teixeira said Wednesday, June 4, that the Government won?t send Congress the promised media bill for ?one-and-a-half or two years? because it wants first to hold a debate and take decisions on digital radio and television. Mr Teixeira was testifying to the Communication Committee of the lower house.
It would be ?premature? to send a bill before all the other issues are sorted out, he explained. ?We will conduct surveys on digital radio with full public participation. This research is most important for the entire media sector in Brazil and will take about a year to complete once it gets under way,? he said.
He made his comments on legislation in response to questions from two deputies ? Dr Hélio (PDT, Rio de Janeiro) and Alberto Goldman (PSDB, São Paulo).


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