Minister sees no concentration of media ownership
sexta-feira, 06 de junho de 2003 , 10h11 | POR REDAÇÃO

Communications Minister Miro Teixeira doesn?t consider media ownership concentrated in Brazil. ?In broadcast television, TV Globo no longer has a monopoly. There are five national networks, all of which are competitive,? he told the Communication Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in Brasília, answering questions from Dep. Dr Hélio (PDT, Rio de Janeiro) on the FCC?s decision to relax media cross-ownership restrictions in the U.S.
Mr Teixeira?s testimony to the committee suggested Brazil should watch the tendency to derestrict cross-ownership. ?I?m always in favor of observing what happens in other countries,? he said. ?I believe the state of our media industry is positive, with diversity of vehicles and freedom of the press.?
He declined to go into detail on the issue or say whether he would be opposed to extending the limited restrictions on ownership in Brazilian law.
The only real restriction in place today is Decree 236/67, which states that no single business group may control more than five TV stations in each category (UHF or VHF) or more than two in any given state.


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