Sky promotes Brasil Telecom?s ADSL service
quinta-feira, 07 de agosto de 2003 , 18h37 | POR REDAÇÃO

Sky and Brasil Telecom are launching a joint campaign to sell subscriptions to the DTH service combined with Turbo, the local exchange carrier?s ADSL service, in the region covered by BrT (nine states in the Center-West, North and South as well as the Federal District). According to information posted on Sky?s website, customers who sign up to the promotion get a Sky package including an additional outlet, pay-per-view offerings, a discount on the installation and activation fee, a discounted monthly subscription charge etc., plus BrT?s ADSL service for a discount of 50 Brazilian Reals (now about 17 US Dollars) on each of the subscription and installation charges. Sky says the discounts and advantages add up to 990 BRL (330 USD).
This is the first combined sale of ADSL and DTH in Brazil. The practice is common in the United States, where it?s part of DirecTV?s strategy in competing with cable companies and the attraction of cable modem service.
No details of the promotion are available besides the information on Sky?s website. BrT hasn?t yet said anything official about the partnership.
New set-top
New subscribers to Sky pay a membership fee of 599 BRL (199 USD) according to the website. That?s an increase on the price listed in the first half of the year. On the other hand, distributors and installers are receiving an upgrade of the Philips set-top, which according to market sources is faster and can be used in the vertical as well as horizontal position. It?s also no doubt aimed at attenuating the shortage of set-tops experienced by Sky for the first time in many years, due to rising demand.


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