Culture Ministry wants to create unified public TV network
quinta-feira, 08 de maio de 2003 , 17h13 | POR REDAÇÃO

Orlando Senna, head of the Culture Ministry's Audiovisual Department, opened the 4th Brazil Programming & Production Forum on Tuesday, May 6, held in São Paulo by PAY-TV and Tela Viva magazines. In his address, Mr Senna highlighted the relationship between broadcast TV and independent producers, arguing for the importance of distributing their content through screen quotas as well as movie theaters to guarantee success. The Culture Ministry's flagship project on this front involves the strengthening of public TV, he said, to build a single network unifying TVE, TV Cultura, the Education Ministry's TV Escola, Radiobras, and his own department. The idea under discussion is to have two or three TV stations at the hub of the national public TV network with programming coordinated by time slots. Educational content will be concentrated in the morning, with the afternoon being dedicated to services and the evening to what he called audiovisual programming. Mr Senna acknowledged this is a complex project because it involves states and municipalities. The result is expected to be different from any known experience in Brazil in the sense that the network won't be based on a single source of generation. No date has been set for the negotiations to reach a conclusion.


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