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Less funding for audiovisual than expected
quinta-feira, 08 de maio de 2003 , 17h13 | POR REDAÇÃO

According to Marcus Vinicius di Flora, second in command at Secom, the Department of Government Communication & Strategic Management (attached to the Presidency), Secom is responsible for decisions regarding sponsorship and advertising by state-owned enterprises while the Culture Ministry is responsible for guidelines on "cultural investment" by the Government. This is the division of labor agreed by Luiz Gushiken, the cabinet minister in charge of Secom, and Culture Minister Gilberto Gil.
Marcus Flora also said official funding encompasses sponsorship and tax incentives for sporting and other events such as trade shows as well as many other activities besides those relating to the Culture Ministry. In these cases Secom and other ministries remain in charge of guidelines and overseeing the use of funds. Thus the Culture Ministry's remit covers far less than the 600 million Brazilian Reals (now about 200m US Dollars) mentioned in so many reports or the 300m BRL imagined by Orlando Senna, head of the Culture Ministry's Audiovisual Department.
Moreover, the state-owned enterprises are governed by corporation law and have minority shareholders so they have some autonomy on how to spend sponsorship budgets. Another complex issue, Marcus Flora said, is tax renunciation, which accounts for a substantial proportion of the SOEs' investment in culture. The Government is still working on exactly how the Culture Ministry and Secom will coordinate guidelines on spending the funds derived from tax renunciation, he said.


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