NeoTV set to switch to retail price index
quinta-feira, 08 de maio de 2003 , 17h13 | POR REDAÇÃO

NeoTV is at an advanced stage of negotiations with several channels to agree on annual contract resets using the consumer price index (IPC) instead of the general price index (IGP-M), which includes wholesale and gives extra weight to pass-through of currency devaluation. Programmers and operators have already held intensive talks on ways of mitigating the impact of devaluation on their costs. The IGP-M has become the pay-TV industry's "villain", rising more than an annualized 25% at times during the first half. It could reach 30% or more in June, significantly reducing the benefits of having agreed on payment in local currency instead of dollars. Some of NeoTV's members have already concluded negotiations and are ready to sign new contracts specifying the IPC.


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