Cable Act
Derestriction of foreign investment converges with new model
quinta-feira, 08 de agosto de 2002 , 18h20 | POR REDAÇÃO

ABTA so far hasn?t succeeded in debating as much as it would like the bill in Congress that proposes to remove all restrictions on foreign investment in cable companies. The hindrances are low attendance of sessions by congressmen and Anatel?s plan to extend the debate from amendment of the Cable Act to a general overhaul of the General Telecoms Act. The second point is the thorniest but could be resolved as part of the discussion of a new model for the pay-television industry. Anatel is looking for ways to dissociate networks from services in accordance with the legislation governing cable, MMDS and DTH so that a cable company, for example, could use a satellite to meet a 90% coverage requirement. Depending on advice from counsel, Anatel may propose amendment of the Cable Act for this purpose too. The question of foreign investment could be part of the discussion.


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