TV Filme launches broadband service for residential subscribers
quinta-feira, 09 de maio de 2002 , 16h49 | POR REDAÇÃO

Link Express, TV Filme?s broadband Internet service provider, launched May 6 in Brasília a new product targeted specifically to residential subscribers in condominiums. Marketed as Web Condomínios, the product has been developed since January and has been available on an experimental basis for some time. Access speeds range from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps. In a new facility at least eight households must subscribe to have Web Condomínio installed. The monthly subscription charge is 60 reals (now about 25 US dollars). There is an installation fee of 50 reals (21 USD). Discounts apply in proportion to the number of subscribers pr condo. ?We?ve designed more features into the product than those offered by competing broadband providers and yet it?s still affordably priced,? says Dilton Caldas, managing director of Link Express.
The novelty is that Web Condomínio involves multiple partnerships. Three telecoms and IT companies ? Cyclo, ITCom, and RBS Computadores ? are responsible for all aspects of customer relationships from installation and maintenance to billing, while Link Express provides access to its backbone and the service itself (including e-mail and webmail). Unlike other subscribers to competing services, therefore, subscribers to Link Express broadband won?t have to sign up to an ISP or buy or lease a modem. All they need is a network card and cable connection to the building LAN, which in turn is connected to the backbone via TV Filme?s MMDS infrastructure.
According to Dilton Caldas, Link Express expects to reach 1,000 buildings with at least eight subscriber in 12 months. Broadband customers don?t have to be subscribers to Mais TV. Link Express plans soon to offer intranet services for condos, such as online games, newsletters, and videoconferencing.


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