Digital TV: Anatel may want more tests on all three standards
quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2002 , 16h46 | POR REDAÇÃO

Anatel will decide in or around September whether it wants to have the three digital terrestrial television standards available worldwide subjected to another battery of tests before choosing one for Brazil. Luiz Guilherme Schymura de Oliveira, director-general of Anatel, says the tests performed to date are two years old and certain parameters may need to be revisited. By September, he explains, Anatel expects to have defined a DTV business model for Brazil with the sole exception of bargaining chips such as technology transfer and royalties. A firm of consultants has been retained to analyze matching benefits Brazil could demand in exchange for choosing this or that standard. The consultants have finished working out the legal implications, but negotiations will take much longer than two months, Mr Schymura says. On Thursday, July 4, Anatel and the Communications Ministry took delivery of a preliminary report from CPqD on technical issues relating to prospective DTV business models.


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