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No date set for DTV consultation to end
sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2003 , 10h23 | POR REDAÇÃO

The Communications Ministry has decided not to set a final deadline for completion of the public consultation on its draft decree creating a taskforce to develop a digital TV project, known by the acronym GET. The taskforce will establish guidelines for research and development leading to a Brazilian DTV standard, among other things. The ministry isn?t even calling the procedure a consultation any more. It prefers the terms discussion or debate, considered more informal.
Another important development is that the project is now the responsibility of Eugênio Fraga, head of the ministry?s electronic communication department, instead of Marcos Dantas, under-secretary for planning. According to ministry sources, the transfer happened as soon as Mr Fraga?s department was ready to take on new responsibilities.


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