Casa Club channel closes innovative deal with Neo TV
sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2003 , 15h24 | POR REDAÇÃO

Casa Club TV, a 24-hour lifestyle, home and design channel owned by MGM Networks Latin America, has concluded an agreement with Neo TV that both parties define as innovative. The deal is a response to demand from operators affiliated with Neo TV, who say the channel offers unique content in the Brazilian market. ?Everyone wants Casa Club in Portuguese but it?s always been distributed almost entirely in Spanish,? says Neusa Risette, managing director of Neo TV. ?We?re constantly launching new content and we?ve never seen how to fund translation of all our material into Portuguese,? explains Marcello Coltro, VP sales and marketing with MGM Networks Latin America. The Neo TV deal solves that: MGM has promised to deliver the channel dubbed in Portuguese or with subtitles provided a specified number of subscribers is guaranteed. Neither party will disclose the number because of confidentiality clauses. ?We?ve agreed on a breakeven point for the channel,? says Marcello Coltro. ?We?ve signed the contract and operators are free to carry the channel as of now,? says Neusa Risette.
The deal could well set a precedent, Ms Risette goes on, because it?s in line with what the market has long pursued. ?We?ve negotiated prices in local currency and there?s the flexibility for each operator to offer the channel in differentiated packages depending on their specific circumstances,? she says. Casa Club (already part of DirecTV?s lineup in Brazil) is a pan-regional channel and also available in North America in packages for the Hispanic community. It will soon offer a weekly design and home decoration program entirely produced in Brazil.


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