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MMDS operators await public consultation on use of 2.5 GHz for voice
quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2002 , 17h56 | POR REDAÇÃO

MMDS operators are intensifying moves to leverage use of their infrastructure by diversifying into telephony. An example is TVA, which has applied to Anatel for a license to offer local and long-distance voice services. There are legal problems to sort out first, however. Anatel?s rules on spectrum use don?t allow deployment of voice on the 2500 MHz band allocated to MMDS licensees but lawyers working for the operators say there?s no such ban in the rules for ?special telecoms services?, which include MMDS. In any event Anatel and the operators have informally agreed that the issue is best addressed by a public consultation asking whether it?s acceptable to allow the 2500 MHz band to be used for voice.


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