Adult channels boost local production
sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2003 , 12h19 | POR REDAÇÃO

There?s little publicity about adult channels but the segment is continuously expanding. Claxson, which owns Playboy TV, Venus, and Hot Network, has conducted a survey of the main Latin American markets to find out more about subscribers? preferences. The findings for Brazil show constant growth of the niche and a high level of acceptance combined with a desire for privacy and confidentiality. Generally speaking, Brazilian respondents are critical of prices and want more variety. Heterosexual male respondents in particular define themselves as ?open-minded about sexual practices? and say they watch adult channels with a girl-friend or wife, rating ?explicit sex? and ?quality? most highly. Women prefer to watch alone or with other women.
The pan-regional programmer will use the survey findings as a basis for original productions using local talent from Brazil and elsewhere. Claxson has also created a vice presidency for adult channels, headed by Tom Free Alves; a specific programming and operations department for the segment; and a vice presidency of sales and marketing, headed by Alejandro Iglesias.
Sexy TV
Sexy TV, an adult channel based in Curitiba, Paraná, also has local productions in its lineup and is expanding so fast that it has opened a sales office in São Paulo. Marcelo de Lamare Assumpção, formerly with TVA and PSN, is a sales and marketing consultant to the channel, which has also hired Flasa Campinas to help with publicity and marketing. Sexy TV is available from distributors such as Canbrás, Cabo Mais/TV Cidade, Viacabo/Adelphia, SMTV/Sercomtel, and Net Londrina, among others, as well as from motels.


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