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Ancine allocates funding for 2003
sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2003 , 12h19 | POR REDAÇÃO

Ancine, the national film agency, and representatives of the motion picture industry last week began allocating 20 million Brazilian Reals (now about 7m US Dollars) available for project funding in this year?s budget. The total may be reduced if the Federal Government has to cut public spending still further. A 50% freeze on Ancine?s budget is already in place. Most of the money will be spent on production and launches. Preliminary calculations suggest the following breakdown:
* Project development (storybooks, scripts, research etc): 700,000 BRL to fund 17 projects.
* Finalization: roughly 200,000 BRL per picture for 20 pictures, giving investment of some 3m BRL this year and the rest in 2004.
* Launches (mainly production of copies): 6.5m BRL for some 500 copies of 40-odd movies.
* Production: some 4.5m BRL for 15 projects.
Besides these investments, Ancine also plans to allocate funding to agreements with other entities. For promotion of Brazilian productions abroad, for example, it will invest some 300,000 BRL. Agreements with Portugal and Argentina account for 450,000 BRL and 500,000 BRL respectively. And 3m BRL will be spent on a collaborative project with the Culture Ministry?s audiovisual department. The funds will be released in the second half, probably in October, unless the Government tightens Ancine?s purse-strings again.


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