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Orlando Senna reaffirms idea of extending Ancine?s scope to TV
sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2003 , 12h19 | POR REDAÇÃO

Orlando Senna, head of the Culture Ministry?s audiovisual department, has again vigorously defended the extension of Ancine?s regulatory scope to cover television as well as film. Speaking on Wednesday, June 11, Mr Senna said Ancine should be renamed Ancinav ?as laid down in the original project?.
His remarks were widely seen in the context of a push by the Culture Ministry to wrest control of Ancine away from the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff. The TV industry doesn?t want to be regulated by Ancine, and some observers believe the agency would be weakened by a dispute over this issue. Others, however, argue that this is the only way to persuade Presidential Chief of Staff José Dirceu of the importance of maintaining Ancine as an independent agency.
Orlando Senna was addressing a public hearing held by the Senate Education Committee to discuss a bill submitted by Sen. Saturnino Braga (PT, Rio de Janeiro) that would oblige TV stations to invest 2% of their revenue on independent co-productions and acquisition of Brazilian films (Projeto de Lei 88/2003).
Integration with cinema is vital to protect Brazilian TV from concentration in the media industry, such as is likely in the United States following the FCC?s recent decision to relax cross-ownership restrictions, Mr Senna said. ?Audiovisual production receives special treatment everywhere in the world. Only in Brazil are cinema and TV treated separately,? he argued.
Regardless of Sen. Saturnino Braga?s bill, Orlando Senna said, the Culture Ministry aims to win a commitment from the major TV networks that they will provide free time to publicize and air Brazilian films.


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