Sky?s subscriber base in Brazil shrinks for first time ever
quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2002 , 15h48 | POR REDAÇÃO

For the first time since it began operating in Brazil, a decrease in Sky?s Brazilian subscriber base has been officially reported between one quarter and the next. Numbers released by News Corp. on Wednesday, August 14, as part of its global financial statements for the second quarter, show that Sky Brazil (which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch?s group) had 706,000 subscribers at the end of June, down from 710,000 three months earlier. Revenue in local currency fell to 140 million Brazilian Reals from 143m BRL in Q1. The trailing 12-month revenue total was 571m BRL. Dollar revenue totaled 56m USD in Q2, down from 60m USD in Q1. EBITDA also deteriorated, from minus 4m USD in Q1 to minus 7m USD in Q2. The bottom line did worst of all: net loss jumped to 116m USD, from 24m USD in Q1. Management blames depreciation of the BRL against the USD as well as the cost of sports programming during the World Cup soccer championships. Market contraction, falling revenues and deepening losses weren?t confined to Brazil. Having shut its doors in Argentina, Sky also lost subscribers in Mexico, where it had 695,000 at the end of June, down from 701,000 three months earlier.


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