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Workshop to define R&D approach on Brazilian model
sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2003 , 21h52 | POR REDAÇÃO

Communications Minister Miro Teixeira opened the first public meeting of the task force on digital television, known as the GET for short, in Campinas, São Paulo, on Monday, August 11. Comprising representatives of universities, industry and government, the GET held a two-day workshop to define how research and development will be conducted for a Brazilian DTV model. Competencies and resources were allocated to each research center. ?The workshop will decide who?s in charge of what,? Mr Teixeira said in his opening remarks. CPqD will now collect the information presented at the workshop in a report for submission to Funttel together with a project plan and budget.

?In two weeks at most I will have the report with everything presented at the meeting to show President Lula,? Mr Teixeira promised, adding that Funttel?s spending on university research is limited to 80 million Brazilian Reals (now about 27m US Dollars).

The project is expected to last 12 months, after which the GET must present a design for Brazil?s DTV model. The best time to launch the system chosen, Mr Teixeira believes, will be the 2006 World Cup soccer finals. ?That could help the industry place its set-tops on the market and act as a driver to accelerate production,? he said.


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