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Anatel retains law firm to advise on choice of standard
quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2002 , 18h06 | POR REDAÇÃO

For some time Anatel has been saying it will base the choice of digital terrestrial television standard partly on the economic benefits and incentives provided by each option. That includes multinational investment in Brazil and technology transfer, among other potential attractions. But this entire subject turns out to be a lot more complex than it appeared at first, not least for legal reasons. So much so that on Monday, May 13, Anatel announced it will retain law firm Carvalho de Freitas to examine the issue and produce recommendations. The contract is worth 630,000 reals and was awarded in a competitive bidding. Ara Apkar Minassian, head of mass communications, said the law firm will assess the legal grounds for attaching such riders to agreements with DTV entities and specify the documentation required. For example, it may conclude that no agreement could include a clause obliging the signatory to set up a component factory in Brazil. Carvalho de Freitas will also determine whether reciprocity could legally extend to other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture or steel. Thus everything said so far by Anatel, politicians and corporate officials will now have to be technically validated by Carvalho de Freitas. The lawyers want four months to produce their recommendations, but Anatel wants the job done faster.


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