World Cup soccer: Globo has exclusive rights even in news coverage
quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2002 , 18h06 | POR REDAÇÃO

Globo will allow other broadcasters to use only 90 seconds worth of footage per day from the World Cup soccer finals in Korea and Japan ? and even that is no more than it?s obliged to do under the exclusivity contract signed with FIFA. Other networks and TV stations are allowed to include up to three minutes in news coverage but will have to use their own pictures or material purchased elsewhere. And FIFA isn?t accrediting camera crews unless they belong to broadcasters who have paid for transmission rights. News editors who want to air goals or other visually interesting material will have to be content with the 90 seconds supplied by Globo, not out of generosity but to comply with its contract. Another option offered by Globo is edited abridged versions of matches to other networks for exhibition at agreed times. This sub-product will evidently cost far less than the price paid for the rights to live broadcasts, but it won?t be cheap.


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