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ABTA executive discusses first set of proposals for pay television model
quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2002 , 18h02 | POR REDAÇÃO

The executive committee of ABTA, the national pay-TV industry association, has begun to discuss the first set of proposals for a new business model and market structure in Brazil. The association plans to conclude the review in October. Some of the ideas put forward are ambitious, such as the creation of a single nationwide broadband system based on existing pay-TV terrestrial networks, to be managed by a kind of consortium; a new approach to programming, with a non-exclusive nationwide basic package costing less than 30 reals per month (now about 10.50 US dollars); a new structure for the franchise system; repositioning of pay-TV networks as the infrastructure for the first stage of digital TV in Brazil; and a significant reduction in the tax burden. So far the document looks more like the result of a brainstorming session in terms of its broad scope and lack of concern with technical or financial feasibility. It?s by no means definitive. Instead it?s intended as a stimulus for debate within the industry. Anatel, the telecoms regulator, and the directors of ABTA will also be called upon to give their views, among others. The report has already been shown to senior strategic executives at Globo and Abril. At Globo the ideas are being discussed by Henri-Philippe Reichstul (CEO Globopar), Fernando Bittencourt (technology, TV Globo), and Jorge Nóbrega (strategy, Globopar). Abril CEO Maurizzio Mauro has also received a copy of the report. ABTA declines to comment until all parties involved have had time to read it and say what they think.


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