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Sky launches tool for t-commerce
sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2003 , 18h37 | POR REDAÇÃO

Direct-to-home operator Sky has announced the launch of a new service known as t-commerce starting July 16 as part of its interactive package. Subscribers can use remotes to buy selected offerings directly via the set-top box.
The first item on offer is precisely a more advanced and reliable remote control device. Sky says its call center and technical support staff receive many customer complaints about broken remotes. The new device will also be useful for testing the service. Partnerships will be developed for other products.
The set-top box sends the order over a phone line, already used for promotions and pay-per-view. In the United Kingdom, where BSkyB offers t-commerce, more than 10% of the subscriber base make purchases using the tool. Sky Brazil and BSkyB are controlled by News Corp.
Sky is partnering with NDS to offer t-commerce in Brazil. The software is called Value@TV.

Subscriber adds

Official confirmation is still awaited, but the release put out by Sky to announce the t-commerce launch says its customer base is now 760,000. If that?s an accurate number, Sky Brazil added 20,000 subscribers in the second quarter.


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