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European model competes with pay television, says Globo
sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2002 , 15h40 | POR REDAÇÃO

?If Brazil takes the same approach to DTV as Europe, broadcast television will end up competing with pay TV,? said Fernando Bittencourt, TV Globo?s director of engineering , during a debate on digital terrestrial broadcast television at ABTA 2002. Pedro Braumann, a Portuguese expert and researcher, set out the various DTV models implemented in different European countries. The synergy between digital terrestrial and pay TV is considerable in Europe, he said, but in many cases they compete because the model often calls for transmission of multiple channels, some of which are free and some not. For a copy of his presentation (in the original Portuguese), go to www.paytv.com.br/arquivos/ braumannabta2002.zip.


Fernando Bittencourt said the solution for Brazil would be a model with high-definition TV and mobility. Ara Apkar Minassian, Anatel?s head of mass communication services, noted that the Brazilian model will include a low-cost option, probably involving a simplified set-top for use with a conventional receiver. Judging by the debate at ABTA 2002, however, the introduction of a standard set-top for DTV services on all platforms, including both broadcast and pay TV, remains a distant dream simply because broadcasters don?t support the idea, whose main advocate is ABTA. Paulo Saab, chairman da Eletros, the appliance manufacturers? association, said this is a difficult time to prepare for DTV because sales of TV sets are far weaker than expected and projected to correspond in 2002 to only about 50% of the 1996 level.


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