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ATSC pledges to meet all requirements of Brazilian Government
quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2002 , 20h36 | POR REDAÇÃO

ATSC says it will meet all the requirements laid down in the policy for digital terrestrial television issued by the Brazilian Government if its standard is chosen. According to Robert Graves, president of the ATSC Forum, the U.S. standard is ?the best choice to strengthen the mass media industry and facilitate convergence of services?. Mr Graves also says the ATSC standard allows broadcasters to offer one or two HDTV program streams together with multiple SDTV programming and will soon surpass the European and Japanese standards in terms of mobile reception capabilities. Additionally, he stresses, ATSC offers the best coverage, reducing the potential for interference in analog channels. Last but not least, by choosing ATSC Brazil will optimize access to appliances at lower prices, he says.


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