Anatel may set targets for DTV and digital networks
quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2002 , 20h58 | POR REDAÇÃO

Anatel hasn?t yet decided what new universal-access targets will be set for telcos that renew their concessions, said director Luiz Tito Cerasoli on Friday, June 14. ?The old targets won?t be reduced, but I can?t think of new ones for the public switched telephone network (PSTN),? he said. On the other hand, there?s no reason why companies awarded digital TV and radio licenses shouldn?t be subject to universal-access targets too, he went on. In a recent interview with TELETIME News, Mr Cerasoli said Anatel is planning to retain consultants to advise on such targets. For example, he explained, universal access to digital data networks should be compulsory, as it is for the PSTN.


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