Tax reform proposes to exempt broadcasters from sales tax
quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2003 , 18h17 | POR REDAÇÃO

The tax reform bill now before Congress proposes to exempt broadcasters from payment of state-collected sales tax (ICMS), under an amendment tabled by Deputy Severino Cavalcanti (PP, Pernambuco). Dep. Cavalcanti insisted on mentioning this exemption in the bill, which will amend key articles of the Constitution. The rapporteur for the bill, Dep. Virgílio Guimarães (PT, Minas Gerais), published his final draft Monday, August 18. The draft surprisingly included the amendment, which Dep. Guimarães had hitherto refused to accept because he didn?t want ICMS exemptions to be specified in the Constitution. Broadcasters are currently exempt but some state governors have been lobbying hard to make them pay ICMS. If the bill passes Congress, broadcasters will be rid of the threat for good.


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