Globo, BNDES to increase percentage stake in Net
quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2002 , 17h23 | POR REDAÇÃO

The bearish financial markets have caused delays in the capitalization of Net Serviços, forcing the Globo group and BNDES, the national development bank, to increase their respective holdings. Globo, which currently owns 35.8% of total equity, will end up with 48.1% (67.2% of voting stock and 34.5% of preferred, i.e. nonvoting stock). BNDESPar, currently with 8.9%, will end up with 22.4% (8.4% voting, 32.4% preferred). Bradespar, the investment arm of the Bradesco group, will increase its holding from 6% to 7.9% (15.8%, 2.3%). Microsoft?s stake will decrease from 7.5% to just over 1% (1.3%, 0.9%). RBS?s will fall from 12.23% to 5.46% (6.82%, 4.49%). Minority investors, who currently account for 29.6%, will see their share reduced to about 15% (0.5% voting, 25.4% preferred).


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