Net Serviços aims to stabilize subscriber base this quarter
sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2003 , 00h03 | POR REDAÇÃO

Leonardo Pereira, chief financial officer of Net Serviços, told analysts on Thursday, May 15, that management isn?t satisfied with the progress achieved so far toward stabilizing the subscriber base.
Marketing campaigns in major media vehicles were resumed only in March, he noted. The aim is to stabilize the base by the end of June and then resume growth.
He highlighted the importance of pay-per-view and the Internet in strengthening customer loyalty as well as adding new subscribers.
Net Serviços hasn?t yet said anything official about negotiations with creditors but analysts expect some kind of clear signal about whether the proposals have been accepted by early June.
In the first quarter Net Serviços lost some 20,000 subscribers, closing March with 1.3 million.


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