Crisis between operators and Canal Brasil approaches solution
quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2003 , 15h15 | POR REDAÇÃO

A diplomatic solution seems to be approaching discreetly for the crisis involving Canal Brasil that blew up about a month ago. Canal Brasil has stopped lobbying Anatel to take measures, at least against most cable operators. Anatel has won a commitment from the Culture Ministry to see if other channels can be classed as dedicated to the screening of Brazilian movies. All operators must carry at least one such channel according to the Culture Ministry?s Cable Rules introduced by Decree 2206/97. Moreover, operators affiliated to NeoTV and Globosat have apparently made a good start on negotiations to include Canal Brasil in their lineups.
In late February Canal Brasil filed a complaint with Anatel (the telecoms regulator), Ancine (the audiovisual regulator) and the Culture Ministry demanding that NeoTV?s members be forced to carry at least one channel dedicated to independent movies, in compliance with Decree 2206/97. Because only Canal Brasil is registered with the ministry in this category, in practice this was a demand to impose a must-carry order in its favor. Anatel has contacted the operators accused of non-compliance by Canal Brasil but isn?t expected to take drastic measures.


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