Anatel issues new market plan for public consultation
quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2002 , 17h27 | POR REDAÇÃO

Anatel has decided to update the Market Plan it produced in 1997 listing the cities for which pay-TV licenses were to be granted and specifying how many players each locality would be entitled to have. The first step is a draft list for public consultation including new localities for which cable and MMDS licenses will be auctioned (Public Consultation no. 377). According to Ara Apkar Minassian, Anatel?s head of mass communications services, the draft is based on a survey of all applications for new licenses received by the regulator since the last auction was held. It also details the maximum number of pay-TV operators considered feasible for each locality regardless of the technology used. Among the aims of the public consultation are to find out whether there is significant demand for new licenses and assess the economic feasibility of operations in the areas involved. Anatel?s list covers only small towns, most of which are adjacent to medium or large cities that serve as regional hubs. The plan doesn?t include changes relating to cities for which licenses have already been auctioned, including state capitals. The public consultation ends May 22.


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