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DTV: Philips officializes R&D partnership with universities in Manaus
sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2003 , 14h34 | POR REDAÇÃO

Philips signed in Manaus Thursday, July 17, an agreement with the University of Amazonas and the University of São Paulo Polytechnic setting up the Philips Research & Development Laboratory of Amazonia. The ceremony was transmitted via satellite to journalists at the São Paulo studios of TV Cultura.
Walter Duran, who heads the lab, said Philips may participate in the working group on digital TV set up by the Government (GET). ?The lab will certainly play a significant role in Brazilian studies of DTV,? he added.
Marcos Magalhães, president of Philips for Brazil and Latin America, said the potential market for digital TV sets isn?t very large and sales will take six or seven years to peak once a DTV standard has been chosen. ?If it?s a global standard, however, we will be able to export as well,? he stressed.
5 million dollar investment
Philips has invested 5 million US Dollars in the facility so far, covering setup and the hiring of staff. The lab will be run by a multidisciplinary council and will be divided into cells. Each cell will be responsible for a specific project. Cells will have independent staffing and budgets.
One of the cells will focus on interactive DTV tools based on the DVB-MHP platform. Another will work on the project known as Cismundus, which stands for Convergence of IP Based Services for Mobile Users and Networks in DVB-T and UMTS Systems. The project is designed to create a communications environment that integrates GSM wireless technology and DTV using the European DVB standard. This cell will partner with TV Cultura. According to Ivan Isola, manager of R&D and innovation, TV Cultura coordinates the Cismundus project in Brazil and is interested in new television languages.
These projects will be used to develop exportable products until DTV is effectively implemented in Brazil, said Marcos Magalhães.
The University of São Paulo Polytechnic will provide research staff with master?s and doctor?s degrees to work with similarly qualified professionals at the University of Amazonas.


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