Marluce takes leave from TV Globo for health reasons
quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2002 , 18h08 | POR REDAÇÃO

Marluce Dias da Silva, director-general of TV Globo, has been given leave to undergo medical treatment. She was recently subjected to a minor operation and could be away for as long as a year. The steering committee will remain under the command of Octávio Florisbal, commercial superintendent, and will continue to act as the main decision-making body for the group?s television activities. Mr Florisbal will report directly to Roberto Irineu Marinho. Marluce Dias da Silva will continue to advise Mr Marinho on matters relating to TV Globo within the limitations imposed by her medical treatment. Mr Marinho told PAY-TV NEWS that her leave has no connection with the change of plans regarding Globo S.A. It?s a mere coincidence, he said.


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