New strategy
Net Serviços: no change as a result of Globo?s new strategy
quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2002 , 18h08 | POR REDAÇÃO

According to sources close to the controlling shareholders Net Serviços will not be affected by the departure of Marluce Dias da Silva on a few months? leave from the Globo group or the decision to put Globo S.A. temporarily on hold, resulting in Henri-Philippe Reichstul?s stepping down as head of Globopar. Net Serviços is already run separately from the rest of the group, the sources say. The new shareholder agreement implemented as part of the capitalization process calls for all shareholders to approve management changes, in particular the appointment or resignation of directors, as well as budgets and programming decisions. BNDESPar or Bradespar must ratify any changes to programming or top management. Mr Reichstul joined the Globo group after Luiz Antônio Viana, head of Net Serviços. They worked together when Mr Reichstul was CEO of Petrobrás and Mr Viana headed the state-owned oil company?s distribution subsidiary, BR Distribuidora. Market sources say they have always gotten along well but in any event Mr Viana reports solely to the MSO?s board.


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