Digital TV: Chinese standard ruled out for Brazil
quinta-feira, 28 de março de 2002 , 16h53 | POR REDAÇÃO

DMB-T, the Chinese standard for terrestrial digital broadcast television, is relatively unknown in Brazil but can already be considered a non-starter. China should have filed this week for recognition of the standard with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). However, it has so far failed to take the necessary steps and the standard won?t be recognized for at least six months. No standard matures in less than two to three years, and that?s more than Anatel can wait. ?It?s not on the table for Brazil or any other country apart from China itself, I should think,? says a source in Anatel.
Brazil is considering only the three standards recognized by the ITU ? DVB (Europe), ATSC (United States), and ISDB (Japan). China has been developing DMB-T for domestic use but a certain amount of expectancy had built up here in response to disclosure of the standard?s technical specifications, indicating that it has incorporated the best of the other three.


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