Net/Sky sells 200,000 packages of Brazilian Championship soccer matches
sábado, 28 de junho de 2003 , 13h30 | POR REDAÇÃO

With five months still to go until the finals, the Net/Sky systems has already surpassed its annual forecast for pay-per-view sales of Brazilian Championship soccer matches. It?s sold 200,000 packages so far, compared with 220,000 in the whole of last year.
Revenue to date totals some 61 million Brazilian Reals (now about 21m US Dollars). The clubs are guaranteed a minimum of 40m BRL plus 50% of sales over and above that floor. For the sake of comparison, sales of national tournament soccer matches in 2002 (the Rio-São Paulo and South-Minas tournaments plus the Brazilian Championship) totaled 55m BRL. Taking into account sales of the 2003 Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) amounting to 8m BRL, Brazilian Championship B Series matches, expected to reach 4m-5m BRL, and additional sales of A Series matches up to the final round, Net/Sky projects PPV revenue to approach 90m BRL this year. That?s more than 50% up on last year despite the fact that the subscriber base hasn?t expanded in the period. It?s also worth recalling that the imbroglio involving broadcast rights to the Paulista (São Paulo) Championship in the first half ended up preventing PPV sales of these matches.
The numbers mentioned above don?t include advertising revenue associated with SporTV?s soccer package, whose insertions also cover PPV offerings on Net/Sky?s Premiere channels. SporTV has sold five of the six national sponsorships on offer.


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