ABTA 2003 reinforced by support from TAP and ABPTA
sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2003 , 16h00 | POR REDAÇÃO

The Television Association of Programmers (TAP), an international association, has joined the Brazilian Association of Pay-TV Programmers (ABPTA) to promote ABTA 2003, the annual trade show and conference hosted by the national pay-TV industry association. This year?s event takes place on October 7, 8 and 9 at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo. In practice the partnership means a joint effort to ensure that members of all three associations attend the show en masse. It was agreed at a meeting last week by Juan Carlos Urdaneta, president of Turner Broadcasting System Latin America (TBS-LA) and of TAP-LA; Leila Loria, managing director of TVA and president of ABTA; Francisco Valim, managing director of Net Serviços and chairman of ABTA; Abel Puig, regional director of Fox channels and president of ABPTA; Alexandre Annenberg, executive director of ABTA; and Alessandra Pontes, TAP?s representative in Brazil.
Special year
This is an especially important year for the pay-TV industry, the associations say, with successful agreements between programmers and MSOs that will contribute to growth in the coming period, companies rehabilitating their finances, and the emergence of several initiatives geared to increasing the presence of pay TV in the lives of ordinary Brazilians. The idea is to display this climate of understanding to the rest of the market.
The theme of ABTA 2003 is ?Education, Leisure & Information in the Digital Age?. The three associations plan to demonstrate to attendees, including government representatives, the progress achieved by the industry despite the crises experienced by Latin America, and its importance as a means of promoting social and digital inclusion as well as technological development.
TAP President Juan Carlos Urdaneta promised to tell all other members about the decisions taken at the meeting, noting that only members themselves can decide whether to participate in ABTA 2003. ABTA likewise undertook to urge its members to attend both the expo and the conference.


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