Dispute over Canal Brasil extends to film directors
quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2003 , 18h36 | POR REDAÇÃO

The dispute between Canal Brasil and pay-TV operators that don?t carry the channel dedicated to Brazilian movies, almost all members of Neo TV, seems to have spilled over the borders of the pay-TV market. And it apparently isn?t close to a solution after all, despite opinions to the contrary reported last week by PAY-TV News. Globosat insists it wants the law enforced. All operators must carry at least one channel dedicated to Brazilian movies, according to the Culture Ministry?s Cable Rules introduced by Decree 2206/97.
The argument now involves film directors as well as Anatel and the Culture Ministry (MinC). Initially the ministry asked Anatel whether all channels registered under Decree 2206/97 would have to be carried. Anatel reportedly said no, operators had to carry only one and were free to choose. Observers say some film directors want to set up a second channel to compete with Canal Brasil, while others fear a drop in the prices fetched by Brazilian audiovisual production if the supply of content increases too fast. Neither Anatel nor the ministry, nor indeed any other authority, feels capable of taking firm steps to enforce the law. Anatel says it first wants to see negotiations between operators and Canal Brasil (or another content provider).


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